Tear-Free Onion Prep

By now you have probably noticed that I love onions almost as much as I love garlic!  Maybe you love onions too, but shy away from cooking with them (or at least finely chopping them) because of the dreaded way they can sting your eyes and make you cry.   In the past, I have looked up tips on how to avoid this nasty side-affect and tried them all!  “Freeze them for a bit”,  “Chew gum”, and my personal favorite: “Cut them under water”!  Who among us has the grace and skill to handle sharp knives and slippery objects under water?  Certainly not me!… But it did give me an idea… I am pleased to announce that I have mastered a completely tear-free method of slicing, dicing, chopping, or otherwise cutting onions.  It’s pretty simple and relies on one simple accessory: goggles!  Yep. Goggles.  Good old swimming goggles that you can pick up for five bucks at any discount store.  I use Chris’s old pair featured here:


I keep mine in a drawer in the kitchen for quick and easy access.  I always fasten them on before chopping into my onion(s) and then remove them once I’m done.  Simple yet effective.  Not to mention, the bonus factor of how sexy I look while wearing them!  Give it a try- your eyes will thank you!

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