Fire-Roasting Peppers

Fire-roasting peppers is a lot easier than you might think, it’s certainly a lot easier than I thought, before Chris showed me.   If you are lucky enough to have a gas range, simply place the clean peppers directly on your stove top set at medium/high.  If you don’t have a gas range, a regular, outdoor grill (gas or charcoal) is your next best bet.  If that is also not an option, turn on your broiler, place your peppers on a pan as close to the heating elements as possible.  Using metal tongs, check the side exposed to the flame every couple of minutes.  Once the skin has charred to a crispy black color, flip the pepper.  Continue to shift the peppers around until they are fully charred.  Fire Roasting 1   Then, individually wrap them in foil and set aside for 10-15 minutes allowing their own steam to loosen the skin.  After letting them sit, use the flat edge of a small knife to gently scrape off the blackened skin.

Then, open the pepper and gently remove the stem and seeds using the small knife.  Use the sharp edge to cut away the stem and ribs, and the flat edge to scrape away the seeds.

Depending on the recipe you may want to keep the pepper whole like in my south-west bean and corn burgers, or you may need to dice them like in my Tex-Mex squash casserole.

That’s it!

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